There is no greater trust than that which binds the world to children. No greater responsibility than to ensure that their rights are respected, that their well-being is safeguarded, that they are free from fear and deprivation, and that they are raised in peace.
The Reverend Joe Ellis Chief Executive NAKMAS
Safeguarding within the Kent Karate Schools
The Kent Karate Schools prioritise the establishment of a secure and safe setting for both children and adults. We are dedicated to adhering to the safeguarding and welfare regulations set forth by our National Governing Body, NAKMAS.

Dr. Sandra Beale-Ellis, our school's joint chief instructor, is employed by NAKMAS and has authored the safeguarding policies that have been endorsed by the NAKMAS National Management Committee. As a result, she is actively involved in shaping national-level policies.

The NAKMAS policies are available online, and any safeguarding issues can be reported via the following secure link:

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