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Updated Karate News as of the 23 July 2017
All adult classes are running as normal during the summer break and the children's classes resume from Monday 4th September 2017. Children may attend the adult class during the summer if ther are purple belts or higher in grade
Kata workshop success
The kata workshop held in Canterbury recently was a great success and congratulations on those that won trophies for outstanding ability, as follows:

Layla Bernthal
Bradley Burrows
Zachary Vibal
Skye Witte

Very well done all.

Junior coaching course to NVQ1 level
Congratulations to all of the children on today's coaching course. It was a fantastic three hours with people going from anxious or nervous to excited and happy about coaching.

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Black Belt successes
Congratulations to Senpai Keeley Finn who achieved 2nd Dan Black Belt, alongside two new black belts: Senpais Erin Wilson 1st Dan and George Collins 1st Dan, having undergone examination in Canterbury last Sunday under Shihan Aaron Harris 5th Dan. Congratulations to all. We are very proud of you all.
Some photos of the kata course. Trophy winner was Skye a brown belt two stripes:
Learning karate doesn't have to be aggressive or dangerous. Given the right environment, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher and a student with bags of motivation, the experience can be fun, inspirational, and educational… matter who you are or what your needs
Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis 6th Dan, Leading Educationalist & Author / Joint Chief Instructor
Why Join Us?
Established in July 1983, the Kent Karate Schools is Kent's leading
A well established karate school since 1983 offering authentic Japanese karate to all members of the community from busy adults to active kids. Karate, self defence, fitness and anti bullying is taught within a traditional format but using modern educational tools proven and tested. We lead the field in educational karate!
Children's Classes
Children's classes are well structured and are educational
Children's classes are well structured to ensure well disciplined children learning within a fun and enjoyable environment with all coaches qualified to ensure that the child progresses to black belt and beyond. Children with high functioning autism also progress very well within our schools. Educational karate and anti bullying is key.

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Adult Classes
Adult classes consist of traditional karate but include a modern take
Adult classes very much follow the Japanese karate training but also include modern concepts and a very effective self defence programme. Adults strive within a friendly and a very supportive environment.

Adult karate brochure and prices click here
Hardback - £10 from IMPACT/The Autistic Voice by clicking here or around £12 from Amazon by clicking here
Adult and children on the Autism Spectrum benefit hugely within karate, as a recognised martial art, and can become national and local leaders. Joe and Dr Sandra, our chief instructors, have proved just that.

This new book offers a start to finish guide for potential autistic students, their parents and for teachers who are or want to teach students with autism. The book is not about autism theory per se, but is a practical guide aimed at young autistic individuals who want to take up a martial art, but need to know more. It is distinctive in that it also offers parent advice, and has a section specifically for martial arts teachers who are either new to teaching autistic students or would like to expand their knowledge and skills. Author of Autism and Martial Arts: A Guide for Children, Parents and Teachers, is Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis, a 6th Dan in Karate with over twenty years experience of teaching students with and without special needs; fourteen of those specialising in autism. What makes her knowledge unique is that she has been clinically diagnosed with Asperger s Syndrome (a form of autism) and the book comes from both personal experience as a teacher and as a student. It is also based on her doctoral research completed late in 2013; this explored the learning experiences within sport and physical activities including martial arts, of a wide range of autistic individuals. Sandra's Doctorate in Education (Autism) was gained from Sheffield Hallam University where there is a specialist nationally respected Autism Unit. During her study Sandra visited various martial arts clubs to work with their students and conduct her research. Sandra is keen to enable more martial arts clubs to be inclusive across the UK. Autistic students can benefit from the structure and discipline martial arts clubs offer, but it is essential that teachers know what to expect from their students, so that they can plan their classes to suit everyone while knowing how to accommodate any differences. Her experience shows the students want to be taught but parents need to have confidence that a martial art teacher has some knowledge which will help their child. Within her role as Director of a national martial arts governing body Sandra has spoken to many individuals who are interested in expanding their student base to be more inclusive but simply don't know how. The book is currently listed on Amazon and an author's biography as well as a short author video can be viewed online via
Class Schedule 2017
Days, venues and google links to the addresses of all classes:
Towers Schools, Ashford, 5-6pm Children
Ramsgate Sports Centre, 5.30-6.30pm Children
Great Chart Village Hall, Ashford, 5-6pm Children
Kingsnorth Recreation Centre, Ashford, 5-6pm Children
Salvation Army Portland Road, Hythe, 5-6pm Children
Thanington Resource Centre, Canterbury, 7.30-9pm Adults
St Peter's Church Hall, Broadstairs, 5-6pm Children
Wye Village Hall, Nr Ashford, 4.45-5.45pm Children
Hartsdown Leisure Centre, Margate, 5-6pm Children
Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury, 9-10am Children
The Phoenix Centre, Sandwich, 9-10am Children
Capel-Le-Ferne Village Hall, Nr Folkstone, 11.15-12.15pm Children
Ashford Stour Centre, Ashford, 11.15-12.15pm Children

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Joe Ellis, Chief Instructor on the BBC Generation Game...!
Autism & Martial Arts Book by Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis
Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis, Assistant Chief Instructor on the BBC Generation Game...!
Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour
NAKMAS Safe Kids Campaign
Joe Ellis delivering the NAKMAS Safe Kids Campaign, in a fun way...!
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