Kent Karate Schools
Karate, Self Defence & Anti-Bullying
Established: 1983
About the Kent Karate Schools
The Schools offers authentic Japanese karate to all members of society, adults and children, including those on the autism spectrum.
The Kent Karate Schools (now incorporating East Sussex) was launched at the Ashford Stour Centre in Ashford in July 1983 by Rev Joe Ellis, now 8th Dan Black Belt and the Schools' Chief Instructor.

Joe has been active within karate for nearly 43 years and has been privileged to have chaired three National Governing Bodies of the art/sport. These being; The All British Karate Organisation, Karate England and the NAKMAS National Governing Body, in which he is still their National Chair and has been so since the NAKMAS inauguration in January 1992. He is very active, nationally, engaging with various government departments and sports bodies to ensure that he and NAKMAS keeps his fingers on the pulse and stays well ahead of the game..!

The Schools offers authentic Japanese karate to all members of society, adults and children, including those on the autism spectrum.

Both Joe and his wife, Sandra, have been clinically diagnosed with Asperger syndrome and encourage adults and children who have the condition to take the leap and give karate a go, within a friendly and supportive environment.

Sandra holds a Doctorate in Education, specialises in autism. She oversees the schools children's educational karate programme which includes junior coaching awards to NVQ Level 1 standard.

There are many black belts; adults and children, within the Kent Karate Schools that are experienced karateka (one that practices karate) and have their own unique coaching and karate skills that enable everyone within the schools to take advantage and progress to black belt and beyond. All coaches are highly qualified and nationally registered instructors. These include; Rev Joe Ellis 8th Dan, Mick Elcombe 6th Dan, Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis 6th Dan, Steve Keeler 5th Dan, Joshua Traylor 3rd Dan, Ellis Finn 3rd Dan, Chloe Williams 3rd Dan, Joseph Waters 1st Dan and George Collins 1st Dan.

All coaches have undertaken an DBS Enhanced Disclosure via the NAKMAS National Governing Body (DBS and Disclosure Scotland registered body), and are fully accredited and follow the NAKMAS Welfare Policy, a NSPCC endorsed policy.

Below, are some of the benefits of training within our schools:
High Quality
The Kent Karate Schools prides itself on quality. This is achieved by ensuring that all coaches follow the NAKMAS national guidelines on safe practice, good governance and ethical delivery, understands equality and diversity and are accredited to the NAKMAS Equality module, which is linked to the Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport, a government endorsed scheme, and supported and endorsed by all 5 UK Sports Councils.

Click here to read the NAKMAS brochure: 'NAKMAS: The Fundamentals. 2021
Karate for All
The Kent Karate Schools endeavours to offer karate to everyone from the age of 4.5 years, including disabled and will offer support and guide students from white belt to black belt and beyond. Not discriminating anybody. Safe practice, full support and friendliness, at all times.
Special Children Format
The Kent Karate Schools leads the way with its educational karate to children. Overseen by the schools assistant chief instructor, Dr Sandra Beale Ellis 6th Dan, a leading educationalist and published author, children not only learn authentic Japanese karate, but is taught about social awareness aligned to social skills. In addition to this, anti-bullying, self defence and life skills are also taught. Additionally, the schools supports the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and actively encourages children to seek these awards. Children's classes are purely for children and as such strive and learn karate within a safe learning environment.
Adult format
Adults very much train to traditional ways but with a modern take. Realistic self defence and survival skills are constantly taught with all adult black belts having their own, tested, methods of self protection. Everyone within the adult class feels part of the family and everyone is supported from the young through to those a little older.
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